Sunday, May 3, 2015


We are going to need some wire hangers (or any hanger for that matter) for the fun activity we started last week.

We all experienced the FREEZING surface of Neptune and tried to see how long our hands could stand the cold. They enjoyed learning about the "raining" diamonds and we did a little review for the quarter so we can finish our cool project.

Please do not forget your wire hanger and we will ENJOY the fun this week.

See you Thursday
Teacher Amber

Monday, April 20, 2015

FIELD TRIP- Pierce College Science Dome

Hello Astronomers:
Who enjoyed learning about our LARGEST Planet Jupiter? You all made some great versions of Jupiter with those beans. Thank you for your participation.

Next week is our Field Trip! HOW EXCITING!!!!

Please remember in order to go on the field trip YOU MUST have a signed field trip form AND $1.00! (This gets you into the Science Dome.)

I am looking forward to taking you all on this exciting field trip. We will have a big turn out because our first quarter Astronomy class is joining us. I know you all will be on your best behavior and excited to keep those Astronomy Thinking Caps on! :)

We are leaving at 12:15ish so we have plenty of time in case traffic slows us down. Also we should be back at the Building by 2:30. Again this is allowing a little time for Traffic.

Please REMEMBER your signed form (I will have more if needed), $1.00, a lunch (or eat quick at coop) and your booster seat if you need one.

Thank you all and I look forward to Thursday!
Teacher Amber

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Moon

What a fun day to bring us back in to Coop following Spring Break. I think all the kids did better than I did with getting back into the routine of class!

We were able to discuss Earth's Moon and it's phases. We even were lucky enough to enjoy a double decker Moon Pie! Yep you heard me DOUBLE DECKER! :) The kids did a great job eating bits of the Moon Pie away and telling us what phase their snack was in.

After a short reading, we got to go outside and enjoy the weather and play Moon Tag. What is Moon Tag you ask? It is where you can only bounce after each other, because on the moon there is no gravity! The kids seemed to enjoy the fresh air and a different spin on the tradition game of Gravity Tag! :)

Next week I will be handing out the Field Trip Forms for our April 23rd. Remember there will be a $1.00 entry fee for each child. These forms will need to be returned by April 16th so I can plan the travel to the Science Dome.

As a reminder, we will be taking all the previous Astronomy Kids as well. So no Games that week! :)

Looking forward to this OUT of THIS WORLD Field Trip! :)

See you Thursday!
Teacher Amber

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Gazing...

Hello FILA Astronomers,
Did you all enjoy making your own star constellations? They all looked so wonderful and I am excited to see them on the wall. They will be so helpful in recreating our universe in the classroom. Using the constellations light we were able to turn our classroom into a star-stunned room. You all did a wonderful job pointing out some of the constellations that are so popular today. 

This week we are starting on the solar system. We have to make sure we get all the information in before our AWESOME field trip to the Science Dome in April! 

Let's make sure we are listening and ready to learn about a few planets! Are you excited! I sure am.

See you Thursday,
Teacher Amber

Thursday, February 26, 2015

3, 2, 1..... BLAST OFF

Evening! You are among the most recent graduates of the FILA Astronaut program. You have shown your skills and knowledge in Astronomy and even proved to be able to handle all tasks at hand. I here by declare you are ready for the next phase of your Space Adventures. 

Today your Astronaut testing consisted of handling a MIND blowing blast off via the screen. While watching this Spaceship blast off, didn't you want to just be there to experience it. Do not forget to put the Kennedy Space Station down as a MUST see for you family adventures. 

Next you prepared your very own Astronaut food. And what is better than preparing PUDDING! You all seemed to enjoy it and sucked the bag free. Pretty crazy to think everything they eat or drink up there is already sealed AIR tight in a bag. I could only imagine, however you all succeeded in passing the food challenge!

After making our meal, you created your very own 2 Solo Cup FILA rockets. Great job cutting out your rocket and then prepping the space blasting engine. Your patience and hard work paid off when we did our launch as the FILA Commons Table. I was so happy to see you all fly high and take so much pride in your special rocket. 

You have now all completed the class and your reward is to join us at the Pierce College Science Dome in April to get more of a hands on experience in Space. I am looking forward to it but will miss you all. 


You all are out of this world, thank you for letting me train you! ;)

Teacher Amber

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Freezing COLD...

Did you all enjoy your Valentine's Day? Was it out of this world?...

We discussed more on Neptune and Uranus this week! The one thing we did was a little bit of an experiment! With Neptune raining "diamonds" and Uranus being another FREEZING cold planet, we decided to see how long we could withstand the "cold".

I brought in some buckets with Ice and water! We tried the cold water before adding ice. Most kids enjoyed this water play. :) Nothing that didn't spark an immediate reaction. Then we added ICE! And let the ice sit in the water for a few minutes. Then we put our opposite hands in to see just how much colder this really was! FREEZING!!! (Nothing near Neptune or Uranus but the picture was painted.) We had some troopers try to stick it out, but no worries, all limbs were removed before they could get frost bit! :)

We only have 2 more classes left before we switch with Games! I am excited for what we have in store for you next week. Do not forget to bring in your metal hangers as we go over all our review.

See you Thursday!
Teacher Amber

Friday, February 6, 2015


Hello Young Astronomers,
Who had fun creating their very own Jupiter out of different types of beans? I think you all did a great job. I am super excited to a do a science experiment next week and talk about our very cold planets! We did touch on Neptune a bit (who wouldn't want to catch some of those diamonds during the rain?) but we will also add Uranus into the mix.

Be Prepared, it might just get really cold! :)

Thank you,
Teacher Amber

PS: Each kid will need a wire hanger for class the following week. But if they bring it in this week I will hold it for them! :)